Last product pixel


To let the banner ‘know’ what products to show, we have to store the product ID’s in a cookie. In order to achieve this, we have to implement the following script tag on all product pages of the advertiser. The two highlighted sections must be adjusted:

<!-- Adcombi last product pixel-->
<script src=”//></script>

advertisername: Here, we fill in the name of the advertiser, for instance: ‘swimmingpools’. (Please be aware that this will be the name of the cookie, and can be seen by the user. Choose wisely, it’s okay to use abbreviations)

###: Here, the unique product ID of the product that the user is looking at, has to be filled in. This number has to correspond with the ID of that product in your product data feed.

For instance of I’m looking at a swimming pool, which has product ID ‘387’ in the data feed, the pixel has to be:

<!-- Adcombi last product pixel-->
<script src=”//></script>


After implementing the pixel on the advertiser’s website. You can check if it functions properly by:

  1. Surf to a productpage on the advertiser’s website
  2. Surf to
  3. Open your browser’s inspector (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox - Apple: ‘cmd+option+i’)
  4. For Chrome, click the tab ‘Application’. For Firefox, click the tab ‘Storage’
  5. Select in the left-side menu
  6. Now you should see the advertisername  and the id of the product you looked at.

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