To create a DSP template you will need to make a line item on Adform. Therefore, you will need your own credentials for Adform. If you do not have these, you can contact our support team and request one to be made for you.

Please bear in mind that on Adform there is a limit of 100 audience groups in Targeting so if you have a large number in your DSP template and you create a campaign in adActivate with a lot of postal codes, you may exceed 100. Be advised.

A few tips for ease of use:

  • Templates may become invalid after their end date, therefore set the end date far in the future.
  • If you experience sync errors while using a DSP template, and they refer to inventory sources not found, this may be an indication that it has expired. You will have to update (save) your template again on Adform and re-import it in adActivate.
  • Some settings from Adform are not currently supported because they either require changes on multiple levels or are not settings that would be required in a template. These are outlined below:
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