The world of banner creation can be a confusing one. At Adcombi we work hard on developing tools that can make your banner ad life simple. In this article, we are going to explain how to deliver your creatives on our platform.

We have set up an HTML5 template creative set that you can use if you love hardcoding your own lightweight creatives. You can use it to see how the code should be set up. Just copy-paste what you need.

Download example creative set

We have an integration with, a banner creation tool that makes it easy to create HTML5 banners. Quick and easy!

Creative specs

  • To be sure that your creatives are properly processed, it is advised to deliver the creatives 5 working days before the start of your campaign.

  • The creatives should be fully clickable with the defined click tag.

  • The click URL should not be embedded in the creative. This will be defined in the DSP.

  • The maximum advised duration of the animation for a creative is 30 seconds. If the duration is longer, your creatives could be rejected on certain exchanges.

  • The combined document for one creative should not be bigger than 150kb.

  • Do not use other code than HTML, CSS, and javascript in your creatives. Make sure references are HTTP compliant.

  • The assets path should be relative (<img src="images/my_image.jpg" /> or <img src="/images/my_image.jpg" />) if the files belong to the .ZIP file

  • Make sure that your creatives are compatible with all browsers and devices.

  • Creatives with a white background should have a distinguishing colored border of 1px. This way it is clear to the end-user that the creative is not part of the content of the publisher's website.

  • Send us the combined files and folders in a zip file.

  • Make sure that all dynamic elements you want to use are in an HTML5 element that has the same class and/or id throughout all sizes.

  • We cannot accept creatives that are delivered to us without the above specs. We, therefore, are not responsible for any delay in your campaign. On the other hand, we will do anything within our power to help you and start your campaigns on time.

Creatives should be ordered and named in the following way:

Dynamic specs

  • Please use the HTML creative specs as described above.

  • Send us a spreadsheet (XLS or CSV) or provide us a JSON or XML url with the elements you want to use within the creatives.

  • Make sure you defined your dynamic areas (div’s) within your creatives in the following way: - class=”dynamicField”- id=”<make_a_unique_classname>”

  • Your dynamicField field and elements should match up in amount, size, and length. Make sure you check the length of your text fits in your dynamicField area.

  • Please provide us with the logic for your dynamic elements. For Example:
    - show the last 3 seen products.
    - show the nearest dealer.
    - show logo 1 and text 1 if the temperature is below 15 Celsius and logo 2 and text 2 is 15 degrees Celsius and higher.

Multi specs


Please use the HTML creative specs as described above to provide us with your creatives.


  • Send us your data feed in a spreadsheet (XLS or CSV) in the same way as the example files that are shared in the article: How to set up your location data feed You can add an optional field:
    - budget for each location
    - tracker URLs
    - utm tags
    - text in creative for each dealer
    - images (place as text in a column with the reference id. Example: 123.png for dealer with the same reference id)- etc.

  • Send us a zip file with the logos of all the dealers. Best practice is to use transparent PNG files. The filename should correspond to the reference_id of the dealer. Please use all images with the same dimension, all landscape or all portrait.

  • Make sure the logos are not larger than 150kb.

  • Make sure you defined your dynamic areas (div’s) within your creatives in the following way:
    - class=”dynamicField”
    - id=”<make_a_unique_classname>”


As long as you follow these simple guidelines you will have your campaign up and running quickly and without problems. However, this is the real world and sometimes things don't go to plan, and that's ok, you can always contact us for technical support.

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